Making a Dental Negligence Claim

Our Dental Negligence lawyers understand that making a claim can be a difficult decision especially when suffering with pain or financial loss.

When you, or a loved one, suffer dental negligence, you are entitled to seek justice to rectify the situation, remove the pain as much as possible and compensate you for any losses incurred.

Every claim is personal to the individual involved. We understand this. We walk you through each step and can work at a pace appropriate to your condition to resolve the issues efficiently.

Our team understand that bringing a claim can be a daunting prospect but we will guide you every step of the way and provide clear, honest and straightforward advice at all times.

Keep a Record of the Injuries

It is important that you record as much detail as you can about the incident. This will help our legal advisers to identify who was at fault. If you can keep a personal diary or account of how your injuries have affected your daily routine we can build a stronger case on your behalf, to reflect the full extent of your suffering.
Take pictures of the injuries, collect evidence of your medical complaint, keep all relevant paperwork and document the times and dates that you visited the Dentist or Hospital.

Meet your Personal Lawyer

Once you have contacted our team we will arrange a convenient time to discuss the details of your case. At this stage you will meet your personal lawyer who will spend time identifying all of the options available to you.
You will always have one point of contact. Once assigned to a member of the team, they will be your contact throughout your case. They are always available via email, phone or in person to talk through any concerns and to discuss your options personally.

Discuss Your Options

We listen to you. We work to understand the situation in order to provide honest, unbiased feedback and present to you the best options available. We aim to help you make informed decisions.
You will be communicated with throughout. You will be updated at each stage so that you are aware of the progress we are making on your behalf and understand what should happen next.

Communicate with the Parties Involved

In order to begin the process, we liaise with all parties involved and inform them of the situation. We send an initial “Letter of Claim” to the party at fault, outlining our intentions and expressing our recommended course of action.

Gather Evidence

We will build your case based on facts and evidence. This may include photographs, reports or witness statements. We will also request information of the other party’s involved to provide a complete picture of the circumstances in which the incident occurred.

Seek Dental Advice

Your personal lawyer will arrange for you to meet a dental professional who is local to you. They will assess the severity and extent of your injuries, providing a report, which details your prospective recovery and information about ongoing problems arising from the incident.

Submit our Comprehensive Case to the Opposition

By collating all of the available information regarding your injury claim, we will be able to submit a powerful case on your behalf, identifying how the incident has impacted on your life and the financial and emotional cost you have had to pay.

Achieve Compensation for Your Claim

Your lawyer will take you through any responses received and focus on achieving the result that you deserve. Many claims are settled out of court – but we will only recommend this if it is appropriate.

Assist in future care provision

Our team are happy to provide information about relevant local associations and groups to ensure that you get the advice and support that you need to live your life as fully as possible.